Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ray's Indoor MTB Park, Cleveland

bOn my way west I stopped in Cleveland to check out Ray's MTB Indoor Park, a 70,000 square foot indoor bike park located in an old industrial park. Unfortunately the park is closed in the summer, so I wasn't sure I'd even be able to get in to check it out, let alone ride, but luckily Ray (with me in the picture to the left) and his crew were inside making improvements for next year and Ray was nice enough to show me around and chat about how the park works.

I've got to say, this park is pretty much the raddest thing I have ever seen. If you're into bikes, this place is heaven. There is something for every type of rider, including a cross country course around the perimeter with lots of techical offshoot options, a ball pit for practicing aerials, a pump course, a urban park, and even sections with rocks and logs laid down as terrain. It's hard to explain how cool this place is without pictures/video (and I didn't even get to ride) so hopefully this will give you a better sense:

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