Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Challenge: what the heck is this man saying?

I need your help! Every night a man walks past my house yelling out the things that he's selling. I can make out the first few words which sound a bit like "helado, yogur..." maybe something about chocolate. Can you make out the rest? Leave a comment or send me an email if you understand what he's saying. If we can't figure out what he's saying, I'll stop him one night and ask him to say it more slowly, but it's more fun to put this out to you for some help!


viajera4eva said...

I hear either "paletas" or "galletas"
paletas= popsicles; galletas=cookies (or maybe in this case snacks)
I can kind of make out the "helados"
hmmm tough one! Hope someone has a better answer!

Loren said...

"galletas" could make sense. I alternatively hear a "pollo" and "fuego" at the end...both of which don't really make sense as something you'd sell at 10pm at night. "Galletas" makes more sense though. Nice one.

Pam said...

any possibility "helados" means icecream?

Loren said...

Helado does indeed mean ice cream. Nice one!

abbie said...

Yeah I definitely hear something about "pollo" too, even after you told me what it really means. In Sucre there was this woman selling newspapers who sounded like she was doing some kind of funeral wailing - I assume she was saying something related to selling newspapers, I never figured it out.