Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DC to NH with lots of visiting

I took the drive from DC to NH really slow, stopping to visit friends and family along the way. I drove just a few hours each day in order to stop and catch up with a lot of people who I hadn't seen in a good while. Some random highlights include:
  • Seeing all of my uncles and aunts between DC and NH and having a chance to hang out with them not during a rushed holiday where you only get a minute or two of catching up before getting distracted.
  • Watching a game of six-year olds playing t-ball in Hingham, MA and seeing them end up in a big pigpile fighting for the ball instead of throwing the runner out.
  • Taking the ferry into Boston with my uncle. He's the ferry captain so I was able to ride up front in the cabin (yep, I pretty much get excited about the same things as a six year old kid!).
  • Arriving in NH to peels of "UNCLE LOREN" from my now-six year old niece, followed by lots of "Uncle Loren, I want to show you something..."
  • Getting lost while biking on the snowmobile trails around my brothers house in NH and doing some good exploring to find my way back.
Here are a few pictures from the DC to NH drive. I didn't take pictures of everyone I visited, but this gives a bit of an idea of the trip to NH:

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