Friday, July 4, 2008

Celebrating the 4th right with family and mechanical bulls!

On Friday I caught up with my cousin Justin and his girlfriend Alexis who also live in Boulder. I hadn't seen Justin in years, so it was great to catch up after so much time. After getting dinner on Pearl St. we hiked up a hill in Chautaqua Park which has a great view of Boulder and Denver.
Sitting several hundred feet above Boulder on a hilltop we were able to see the fireworks display in Boulder and several others in the distance around Denver. Here's a shot of a spider that we saw on the walk down. I wouldn't want to wake up with :
On the walk back down to Boulder, we walked by a bar that had a big crowd outside. Through the window we could see a girl riding a mechanical bull and we all quickly decided that we had to go check it out. Bull rides were only $1 so we all took a few rides. Justin's co-worker Babs and I took a ride together which I think meant that the cowboy hat-wearing, tobacco chewing mechanical bull operator took it a little easier on us. Turns out mechanical bull riding is both a great way to celebrate the independence of our nation and bond with your cousin!

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