Monday, July 21, 2008

Riding with Brandy and Chris at Centennial Cone

On Monday I met up with Chris and Brandy to go for an after-work ride at Centennial Cone in Idaho Springs. When I visited Brandy and Chris a week before we weren't able to go for a ride together, so it was really fun to get out riding with good friends and also see one of the local spots that they like. The Centennial Cone trails are really fun with lots of fast, smooth single track and some really tricky switchbacks and rocky uphills. Thanks Chris and Brandy for a great ride!

The trail included a lot of exposed sections with a steep slope on one side, something you definitely don't see riding in New England of the mid-Atlantic.

Chris is really good on the technical sections and almost cleared this tricky uphill.
Brandy enjoying the ride on her new bike.

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