Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Even 12 year olds in Boulder are FAST!

After hiking up to Loch Lake on Wednesday, I got in the car and headed into Boulder for another shot at the weekly short track race. A couple of weeks ago when I did the first short track race, I did the B category and though it felt like I finished last, I ended up 34th out of 51 starters. Since I was still recovering from Mt. Evans and had gone on a 4 hour hike earlier in the day, I decided to do the C category instead and see how fast they were.

I lined up with the 32 other starters with a light sprinkle coming down, which was nice as it kept both the heat and the dust under control. I started a bit slow in around 10th position but worked my way up the field until I was in third position behind a TIAA-CREF/5280 rider who looked like a junior. I rode behind him until the last lap when we caught two lapped riders and I was able to jump in front of the group, forcing the TIAAF-CREF to wait behind lapped riders on a downhill section as I rode away. I was pretty certain the TIAAF-CREF guy was going to beat me in the sprint, so my sneaky last lap move allowed me to get second. After the race I stopped to talk to the TIAA-CREF guy and congratulate him on a good race. The guy who I beat it turns out is only 12!! Watch out for Michael Dessau's name in 10 years or so! The guy who won the race, Zane Godby, is also only 12! Man, those kids in Boulder are fast. Both Michael and Zane ride for TIAA-CREF/5280, which is one of the best road development teams in the country. The program seems to be working as Michael is the national time trial champion for the 10-12 age category (the video below is of Michael winning TT nationals).

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