Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hiking with the cousins

On Tuesday I met up with my cousins Jim and Mark to do some hiking for a week. This is the first mini-reunion of sorts that we've organized with just the cousins of our generation (Justin and Steve planned to join us later in the week). We're all into outdoor pursuits, so doing a hiking trip seemed like a good way to catch up and spend time together. The plan was to do small hikes during the week in preparation for doing Long's Peak on Saturday. To get our hiking legs under us, we did a short hike up to Loch Lake in the Rocky Mountain National Park. We took the 6 mile hike easy and enjoyed the views along the way.
We got up to Loch Lake just as the usual afternoon storm rolled in, which happens at around 1 or 2pm most days in the mountains. We shot a few pictures, had a snack and quickly hiked down as the thunder started rolling in.

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